Istanbul has been home to countless civilizations; consisted of a vast variety of cultures, religions, societies and mindsets including Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. As a capital of arts, science, trade, natural and historical heritage and entertainment; İstanbul is one of the most outstanding, lively metropols with open arms to global citizens of the earth.

Recent studies and discoveries have shown that İstanbul as a major settlement is even older than it was formerly known. It is quite possible to observe – and even touch the entire history of the civilized humanity step by step, as you move through different parts of the city. Although almost a country of its own with a residential population of 15 million, it still preserves the natural landmarks like the Bosphorus, Princes’ Islands, thick forests and peaceful fishing villages & resort towns on the Black Sea coast, quite well. Being a hub of trading and travel, turned the city into a festival of “colors”, with the influence of numerous  cultures over centuries. Nowadays it is almost “usual”, to find modern concepts of art and futuristic buildings entwined with those of very ancient times – especially in the “Old City” area with its mosques, bazaars, art galleries, museums, openly exhibitied relics from a diversity of eras, traditional restaurants and shops.

The strong blend of international visitors and residents has dramatically expanded the modern night-time entertainment sector in İstanbul, especially in the last few decades. With every sort of options ranging from black tie events downtown to nightclubs in the middle of the Bosphorus, from sports pubs to traditional live music houses, from exotic dance theaters to heavy metal bars, from jazz festivals to quiet and cozy cafés; it is virtually impossible not to find your cup of tea as easily as a walk in the park.

No matter what kind of a background you have, İstanbul is always the right destination that offers new perspectives fort he rest of your life.

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